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We believe that smart phones and tablets should be refurbished whenever possible and resold on the secondary market. Why let a perfectly functioning device go to waste? It ultimately helps reduce our carbon footprint.

We’ve always heard that success is built by the people you surround yourself with. With that in mind, we represent talent combined with motivation. We have the sense of responsibility and determination for meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs.


A key to any business’ survival and growth is based on a foundation with integrity. We take a no compromise approach on providing the best quality products as described, to exceed our customer expectations.

The strong relationships we have built with our vendors enable us to get products at top tier pricing. In turn we are able to compete in the market by providing our customers with competitive prices.


Range of Products

Not just phones: we believe wireless is a growing ecosystem of mobile products that facilitate the ubiquitous access to everything anytime.


About Us

K Wireless Wholesale, Inc. manages and purchases large stock liquidations from cellular carriers, service and distribution centers with a long and established record in the wireless industry. We re-market and supply a wide range of OEM original wireless stock: handsets, accessories to cellular online retailers and repair industry.

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